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Associative Power Engineering Community is a non-profitable organization, headquartered in Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University.
Founded in October 2006, APEC has pioneered the field of technical student development and is setting new standards by offering more opportunities with rich content. APEC in cooperation with leading multinational/national companies offers free technical courses, visits & summer training opportunities for undergraduates besides many other events.


Provide a development environment for students to flourish their technical and non-technical skills dominating the job market requirements.


To raise the awareness among the students regarding engineering fields updates, and provide a variety of tools to develop the engineering students.

Target Market

Engineering students form all departments and throughout all universities centered at the Faculty of Engineering - Ain Shams University.


Through the ten years of APEC, we were aiming at increasing the value through the introduction of new events and the improvement of existing ideas. Four ideas were thoroughly developed and became our main events existing every year better, bigger, providing more value and making lager impact.

APEC Magazine is the first pure technical magazine in the faculty of engineering written and edited by students, APEC magazine targets all engineering students aiming at widening their horizons to new engineering fields, new technologies and impacting research.
APEC Routes was introduced in APEC’12 aiming at providing the students with academic material and linking it with the work environment and providing summer training for those who stood out through the sessions.
The uniqueness of Routes arises from its focus on delivering technical knowledge in a new way showing the students how this knowledge affect their work in the future and how every piece of information is going to be used to create something useful and innovative.
The project package was introduced in APEC’10 aiming to help senior students with their final projects and help fresh graduates land job opportunities based on the innovation presented through their senior projects.
The idea went under major development since then and now it targets students starting their senior year, especially those who have innovative ideas concerning their projects and connecting them with company representatives to help with the sponsorship of their project either financially or academically.
APEC visits is considered as APEC’s foundation as it was APEC’s first event and has been present through the ten years making it the longest running project in APEC completing its tenth year this year.
The visits program introduces one day intensive training in companies and factories aiming to enlighten students on the real work environment and what it takes to be an achieved engineer in the future.
APEC’s visits program is one of a kind in all engineering oriented student activities from the aspects of concept, objectives and magnitude.


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