Dear Applicant

This pack initiates the process of choosing your field to make it undoubtedly.
We break it down into easily doable parts, each part adds up over time and help to gather the simple strips you have to build a strong scaffold and propel you closer to your goal.
Our starter pack Provides insurance at the start of a new phase in your life with the right choice.
And this is our interview with Mr. Akram Marwan Founder and Manager of ICareer, Mr. Akram is talking about students' choices, how to start your career by attending events and participating in activities to gain knowledge and experience.

So, This is our event APEC Way consists of three main junctions:

• "A Day In The Life Of":
We will deliver you essential content as we address a wide range of topics through some talks. We will discuss every single detail about the field s which we present as we cover all engineering departments and also cover non-technical fields within the practice of science, then all of that will be presented at your place, and will be provided by business pioneers and experts from each field.

• Mentorships:
Mentorships are a source of experience and knowledge, and also a source of gaining encouragement and support as mentorships enhance your chances for success. In addition to that, our mentorships have a wide space to interact and ask about anything related to the co ntent through a live session that is presented by experts and business pioneers.

• Career Couching:
By labeling some interests and answering some questions, you will figure out where you can begin your career and how it will start based on scientific principles.

• So, Our Agenda: