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APEC'21 Recruitment

APEC offers a chance to have a great experience at the leading non-profitable technical student organization.
It's your opportunity to be In Charge Of Change and to be part of The Red Tale.

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APEC Blog is an online platform that exhibits all of your great talents to the world. We're accepting your invitations to your inner cosmos

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APEC'21 Project Package

After the dilemma of what to do, after the hassle of what might be best, and while taking your last worthwhile steps, finally the beginning of the last phase comes to hand. In this step where you start preparing for your graduation project to take your career to a whole new level, you substantially ought to do things as great as possible to crown your effort with the best finish. In this chapter of the red tale, we’re offering you sponsorship opportunity for your graduation project to make everything fall right in place.