From the early beginning of humanity to the 21st century, the main factor contributing to the massive transition in the lifestyle and facilities is the power of human minds. It helped us survive for hundreds of years by being able to use anything around for their benefit, thinking and trying to improve life by discovering or inventing things that satisfy their needs or even by observing a phenomenon that happened to them. Can you imagine that a moment of deep observation of the surroundings was the beginning of a lot of important inventions to exist in our world. And here are some examples of accidental inventions that changed our world.

         1. Penicillin (the dawn of antibiotics):
             Before the existence of penicillin, there was no effective antibiotic against many diseases and some of these diseases were fatal.
The penicillin was discovered accidentally by Alexander Fleming. While he was doing experiments, one of the Petri dishes (a tool used for bacterial culture) was contaminated by a type of fungi called "Penicillium notatum" and he noticed bacterial death in it. It took Alexander a few weeks to confirm that the cause of bacterial death was a substance secreted by this fungus. This great discovery was the beginning of the age of antibiotics derived from micro organisms.
         2. Microwave:
              It was accidentally discovered by Percy Spencer when he noticed that the microwave beam produced from a radar set he was working on had a heating effect that caused a bar of chocolate in his pocket to melt. From that point on he started experimenting and made a box that emits microwave energy and started putting food in it. Amazingly the temperature of the food rose rapidly. And this was the primitive form of the microwave.
         3. Safety glass:
              It's a special type of glass that is used as an alternative to ordinary glass in applications that are exposed more to heat and destroyed by it such as oven doors or where breaking glass could be hazardous such as mobile phones. It was accidentally discovered by a French scientist, Edouard Benedictus. In one of his experiments, he dropped a glass flask that contained "cellulose nitrate" a liquid plastic. Surprisingly, the presence of this liquid inside the flask enabled it to keep its shape.

These were some examples of accidental discoveries that changed our world and there are more of these discoveries such as matchsticks, non-stick(Teflon) pans and so many others. Whatever the discovery was, it didn’t stay in the primitive form but was extensively developed. Thanks to the power of the human mind that never rests and always tries to discover and develop what's best for human’s life.