People in recent years have made thousands by their side hustle, not by their full-time job, they made it online through freelancing.
Freelancing is working independently to earn money, in other words, freelancing is to work using your skills, experience, and education with multiple clients without committing to a single employer.

There're various fields in which you can work as a freelancer, and here are some:

Computer, Information Technology, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Finance, Graphic designing, Web Development, Medical & Health, Project Management, Analyst, Writing, Education, and Training.


Freelancing around the world:

According to an article in Forbes, about 57 million people were freelancing in America in 2018, and if the trend continues, over half of Americans will be freelancing by 2027. Not all of them are full-time freelancers but some would side hustle in their free time as a part-time job.


The benefits of working as a freelancer:

Freelancing enables faster growth opportunities as compared to any full-time job so it's a good opportunity to earn money. There're also some benefits like flexibility in hours and location, freedom to choose clients and projects, multifaceted exposure.


How to become a freelancer?

1) Decide what service you'll offer depending on your own skills.
2) Determine your target market.
3) Explore the freelance websites that you'll be serving on.
4) Try to help brand identity by choosing a uniform username.
5) Build your own high-quality portfolio website.
6) Market your service.


But everything has two sides so what's the bad side of freelance work?

One great disadvantage, if you're working from home, is that you'll work alone for hours or even days, so you should put this into consideration and try to cope with your normal social life.

Another thing the variable workloads and income. You must remember that you'll lack some benefits like vacation pay, health insurance and there's no paid sick time or vacation time. Being your own boss maybe a disadvantage for people who're not good with commitment and deadlines.

Finally, freelance work is described as a feast or famine profession. It's hard for you to anticipate your weekly, monthly and especially yearly profits. so it must be remembered that freelance work is usually not suitable for those who do not enjoy risks.



So, it's your role towards yourself to investigate what's better for your future and widen your horizons, Maybe your business does exist in your home.