Each one of us has his own suffering in life. Some can conquer it and be stronger while others fall on their knees in front of their obstacles giving up on trying to stand up again. At this point, they fail to see how they could go on in their lives. They may think of suicide or they may lean to violence as the Joker did. Now the question is: shall we consider the Joker as a victim or as a villain?

The joker always wanted to become a successful comedian, but it seems like his way to that wasn't very easy. This is because he suffered from a medical condition called "pseudobulbar affect".


"The pseudobulbar affect or PBA" is a condition that's characterized by episodes of sudden uncontrollable and inappropriate laughing or crying. It's sometimes mistaken as mood disorders. But what could cause such a condition? The cause of PBA is believed to involve injury to the neurological pathways that regulate the external expression of emotion. It's believed that PBA may result from damage to an area in the brain called "the prefrontal cortex" which helps control emotions. PBA could also result from changes in brain chemicals linked to depression and hyper moods (mania).

The Joker, like anyone suffering from PBA, was completely aware of his condition but he had no voluntary control over it and found it difficult to engage in everyday's activities. Moreover, his condition was met by sarcasm and rejection from people. Some bad days for an already disturbed individual were enough to push him over the edge. So, he decided to give up on any single hope and turn to violence and embrace the darkness trying to express himself to the whole world that neglected him. At this point, he didn’t only lose control over his laughing behavior but also his humanity and turned into the Joker that we all know. So the Joker character was
just a way to escape from the dark tragic world. Joker started killing people that insulted him. Chaos spread in the city and some people were inspired by the Joker and started to imitate his make up style and behavior. The clown riots killed the parents of a child "Bruce Wayne", the future Batman and one of the greatest heroes.

Now come back to the question: is the Joker a victim or a villain? He was the victim of his disease and a villain in the eyes of the whole society. Although this wasn't completely his fault and the people around him played a major role in it, this wasn't his only choice. He could be a better man but he chose the easy way "Violence" instead of fighting the struggles in the way to his dream.

We all pass through difficult times that we can hardly bear. But the more you resist, the stronger you'll become. Life isn't made for luxury, it's made for working hard, falling on your knees and learning how to stand up again. Now just think about it what is the point from violence? Do you think the solution lies in becoming insane, killing the people you hate and destroying everything around you or even destroying yourself? We saw two examples of people who had great suffering in their lives, the Joker and Batman. Each one of us has two sides deep inside of him: Joker and Batman. But it's completely your choice to decide which one of them should take the upper hand!