Like, share and subscribe are some actions that are an essential part of our day as a result of the huge usage of different social media platforms. So, can you now imagine your life without social media?

Although we use the word “social media” daily, some of us may not know its definition. It is a form of electronic communication like websites and applications that help people share any content. We think the definition of social media started with applications on our smartphones only where the actual communication tool began with computers.

The great importance of social media lies in the possibility of instant communication with anyone and anywhere. Everyone has at least one account on the different social media platforms which give it strength nowadays. Social media is not confined only to make friends as now we can find a job under the name of social media specialist which is a required and highly paid job.

Talking about the positives of social media we have to mention its role in education through youtube or people who make their own pages a platform to improve people's information in different fields. It also gives you the chance to be creative and innovative by thinking outside the box and sharing unique content.

What if I missed something? fear of missing out or as it’s known “FOMO”, it refers to a fear of not attending some social events, experiences and interactions which are classified within the negative effect of social media. Also, the excessive usage of social media platforms expose you to depression and anxiety and that happens for different reasons like discovering that you spent much time doing nothing except scrolling down and wasting your time, comparing your life with what you see from the lives of others, which does not exceed 1% of their normal life or setting new criteria of success by social media which is different from your own criteria. After bulling was only done face to face, social media gave bullying the chance to spread which is called cyberbullying that may be done by sharing content that is harmful to others or by sharing others' information that embarrasses them. And our health has a share of these negative effects as staring at screens for a long time, affects our eyes and also our sleeping time which may not exceed four hours sometimes.

There's no way we could live without social media. But take into consideration that it's a double-edged weapon. It can keep you updated about the surroundings but it can also waste most of your time. That bad side of social media appears when you lose control over yourself and start to procrastinate by only scrolling down. It's really regrettable not to be able to make use of it. So try not to be captivated by social media and always watch up how you spend your time before it's too late.